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Snyggingen Xavier Samuel som spelade Riley i Eclipse har gjort en intervju med Mtv Australia. De pratar om att bli castad i Eclipse och hur det var att vara med i filmen. Det är också lite prat om Stephenie Meyers bok som handlar om Bree Tanner.

MTV: Were you ever worried about just being known as the guy who was in ‘Twilight’?

Xavier: That never crossed my mind. I just felt really lucky to be cast in a role that wasn’t your average villain. There was a bit of complexity to this guy, but I never really felt like, I’m going to be playing vampires for the rest of my life!

MTV: Did you feel the pressure acting out such a beloved book and series?

Xavier: Well I felt great about it because when I flicked through the book I was like, where’s Riley?! (laughs) There was like one line, literally one sentence!! I was fortunate in the sense that they decided to depart from Bella’s point of view for the first time – it’s still faithful to the book but it extrapolates other dimensions in it. So there is a kind of degree of expectation and pressure to remain true to a character that is so close to so many people’s hearts. So the pressure’s on, certainly for the characters that have more of a journey. But I think they’ve done an amazing job bringing the books to life.

MTV: Is there any talk about developing Stephanie Myer’s fifth book ‘The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner’? Because you’d obviously be a big part of that…

Xavier: Well I haven’t heard any whispers, but it’s a really cool back story. I remember reading it, David Slade [director of ‘Twilight: Eclipse’] gave me the manuscript of this book, and it really sang to me, and for me it was a great source of information as well as being a great story.”



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